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What's up guys welcome to the smart student my name is Chelsea sideburn where today we're going to talk about paraphrasing.

Finally this is content three out of four where in the first two we talked about everything that had to do with plagiarism. So at this point we know that plagiarism is essentially stealing in the academic world it's using someone else's thoughts ideas you name it and trying to pass it off in your own in your own research papers writing. so we want to avoid that and one of the biggest ways to do that is through paraphrasing is using that other person's ideas but you're rewording them using new language so you're taking their idea and you're making it yours you still have to credit that original author but now you're safe to use it in your papers and quite frankly academic writing is made up of a lot of paraphrased material which is why it's important we learn how to do this correctly so now that we've got that out of the way let's jump into the exact steps that you need to take in order to paraphrase correctly.

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Quite frankly i want to level with you guys because when it comes to learning how to paraphrase it's an art and it's difficult to learn and when I’ve researched and I’ve looked online and seeing how other people teach you guys to paraphrase it's essentially the same reiterated steps over and over that sound good on paper but they're really hard to apply because they're not practical at least they're not taught practically so I’m going to give you guys my unfiltered steps on how to paraphrase we're going to look at it through the lens of how I paraphrased when i was in school and mind you depending on where you're at in the spectrum of paraphrasing whether you're beginner or you're advanced you may not take all of the steps so I’m going to do my best to explain each one and then you'll need to use your discretion on where you fall alright let's get started with step number one set your intention this isn't something i see taught very often that i really wish was so how many of you can relate to when you're researching for a paper a lot of times you don't know what you're looking for so you're kind of just researching blindly hoping something is going to pop out at you and when that something does pop out at you then you start figuring out how to paraphrase.


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